Don't look now, but those snarky Samsung ads we all have been snickering (or cringing at) may actually be doing some good for the Korean cell phone maker.

YouGov is a brand tracker that watches every tiny change in the perception of over 1,100 well known brand names.  On Wednesday it announced via a press release that showed that Samsung has edged out the iPhone for the first time in who people perceive the brands.  It is worth noting that this is comparing the entire brand name of Samsung against just the brand name of "iPhone" as opposed to "Apple," but it is still a significant milestone.

Samsung vs iPhone buzz

The change-up appears to have begun after Samsung launched its new ad campaign that mocks people standing in line for an iPhone, and the demographic with the biggest change in brand perception appears to be happening with respondents to YouGov's statistics over the age of 50.

In short, the ads appear to be working, at least in some sectors, so don't be too surprised if we see a few more of these.  My gut feeling is there are at least two to three more in the series as the last one left us at four hours to go before the iPhone launch.

What do you think?  Have these Samsung ads changed your perspective of the company?  The iPhone?

[via CNN Money, source YouGov]