As we saw in a pair of set photos from yesterday, Thor and Loki are back on Earth to take care of some business in Thor: Ragnarok. The question is: why?

One of the photos suggested the two could be searching for Doctor Strange, but a new photo released today hints the two brothers might actually be looking for their father, Odin.

Check out this image shared by Glenn Hunt on Instagram:

That sure doesn’t look like the king of Asgard to me.

You might remember that at the end of Thor: The Dark World, the movie ended with Loki disguised as Odin while sitting on the throne. We didn’t actually get to see what happened to Odin and judging by this picture, it looks like he may have been banished to Earth.

Based on his appearance in the photo, the former king is out on the streets of New York City. He doesn’t look too upset about it judging by the candid moment captured by Hunt.

If we take the title “Ragnarok” into consideration, we’re expecting a huge threat to befall Asgard when the movie hits, so Odin will certainly have a big role to play. Now, I just wonder what the family reunion will be like assuming Loki was indeed the one who sent Odin to Earth in the first place.