At Comic-Con this summer, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi showed off perhaps the best video ever to hit the con: a mockumentary revealing what Thor had been up to since he disappeared at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Turns out, he didn’t go back to Asgard, and instead went to live a normal life with a man named Darryl Jacobson.

If you’ve seen Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows, the “Team Thor” video will feel very familiar. In it, we follow Thor as he goes about his daily routine, sending off e-mail and otherwise terrorizing Darryl. At one point, Thor leaves Mjolnir in the middle of the living room floor, making it difficult for Darryl to vacuum.

There are a lot of really fantastic moments in the video, which perfectly highlight the kind of humor Waititi is known for. It also once again proves that Chris Hemsworth has a knack for comedy, something he showed off in this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot.

Some things revealed by the video:

  • Thor is feeling left out: Apparently, neither Tony Stark or Captain America asked him to join their side in Civil War, and he’s a little hurt by that.
  • Mjolnir has its own pillow: While touring Thor’s room, we get to see Mjolnir resting in a shelf with its own pillow.
  • Thor the detective: Even though Thor is taking some “me time,” he’s still investigating the Infinity Stones. Look no further than a conspiracy board in his room, which has some great facts about Thanos Nick Fury.
  • No cell phone: In addition to sending email, you can also reach Thor by sending a raven.
  • Team Thor: If he can’t join Iron Man or Captain America, Thor will start his own team. So far, it’s just him and Darryl.

I know everyone is anxious and excited to see Tom Holland’s solo Spider-Man film next July, but I’d argue that Thor: Ragnarok is the more exciting prospect. After seeing the mockumentary (below), how can you not be hyped to see what Waititi is going to do? I just hope Darryl pops up in the actual movie.