This Fallout 4 video starts out innocuously enough. Then, just as the gamer is supposed to encounter the first Deathclaw, we see that classic Blue and Red tank engine burst out of the sewers.

Thomas the Tank Engine has finally been modded into Fallout 4.

The “Really Useful Fallout” mod was submitted to nexusmods by Trainwiz. The mod, according to its description, replaces a bunch of items in Fallout 4 with our favorite train hero (or villain?).

This mod replaces the following things in Fallout with Thomas. The train. I have turned him into a murderer to spite Mattel because frankly they deserve it.


  • One of the Flight Helmets, I don’t know which, it’s a surprise.
  • All deathclaws
  • All vertibirds
  • Liberty Prime
  • Mininukes and MIRV launchers
  • Missiles

Sounds have also been replaced with horrifying, echoing train whistles. Your soul will be permanently tainted by them. You’re welcome.

Find the mod right here.

Remember when this was done in Skyrim? Ahh, glorious.