It only took a few weeks, but one savvy gamer has discovered how to turn on God Mode for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Thanks to a series of glitches and exploits uncovered through a long, tedious process, YouTube user WhatsMyGame has found a way to give Geralt of Rivia the godlike abilities of invincibility, infinite damage per second, and infinite sign intensity.

The video takes 11 minutes to explain, so you'll have earned your reward should you watch the whole thing and then go about it step-by-step. The opening scene shows Geralt swatting down the toughest monster in the game like he was nothing more than a bug. That's the power of this new God Mode!

Man, whatever happened to just IDDQD?

If you want to enjoy this glitch, you best do it soon. CD Projekt RED already closed up the infinite money glitch through cow slaughter, and now that this process is public, my guess is that it is not long for the world either.