A few days ago, Fake Steve Jobs (aka Dan Lyons) posted a response to AT&T’s speculated bandwidth limitation.  His piece included a ‘call to arms’ this coming Friday where iPhone users would attempt to overwhelm the data network this Friday at noon PST, sending a message to AT&T in disapproval of recent network problems and bandwidth limitation comments made by AT&T rep Ralph de la Vega.  Although FSJ insists Operation Chokehold was a joke, some users will be participating regardless.


Since his post earlier this week, the story has been picked up by major media outlets like Gizmodo, Mashable, and ABCNews. AT&T has released a statement stunt “an irresponsible and pointless scheme to draw attention to a blog”. Even more, the FCC has issued a similar statement, noting that “purposely trying to disrupt or negatively impact a network is irresponsible and presents a significant public safety concern”.  Mr. Lyons clearly knows how to get attention.

Despite these responses, many who’ve received word of the revolt are already pledging their support.  Thousands of tweets have been popping up since the story broke.  There’s a Facebook page with nearly 3,000 fans supporting the initiative.  While these numbers will hardly be enough to take down AT&T’s network, it’d be interesting to know just how many people are actually going to participate.

Once Fake Steve realized the story was really catching on, he posted yet another entry that suggests users protest in a different, less intrusive way.  Instead of trying to overwhelm the network, his newest suggestion is one of a silent protest outside AT&T stores.  Although the protest will most likely fail, it’s worth noting that people are going to be taking time out of their day to participate.  It’s even funnier how a blog that was created to be satirical has been taken so seriously by so many readers.  Do you plan to participate in Fake Steve’s Operation Chokehold?  Is the whole stunt completely idiotic?  Let us know what you’re making of it.

[Via FakeSteve]