UPDATE: The video has already been pulled due to copyright claims. If we find another version, we'll toss it up for you folks to catch. If you're really curious as to what the video involved…superheroes punching stuff, mostly. Also, flying. And clapping. Not kidding.

UPDATE 2: A new working link was added. Watch now while you can. 

THQ scrapped several of their franchises and properties last month. Among the games that got dropped were Red Faction, MX vs ATV and The Avengers.

The Avengers was a particularly interesting piece of cancelled software because the gaming world knew next to nothing about the project before word of its termination came out. We didn't know what was being made of the game, what it would be like, which version of the Avengers we would see…really, we didn't know anything.

Now, it seems that some from the staff at the shuttered THQ studio in Australia have taken to letting slip some of their work. The video you see above is, assumedly, where The Avengers video game was left off before the developer's closure.

We'll go ahead and say it for you: the first-person perspective of heroes like Hulk and Iron Man is a weird one. It's also weird to see Captain America try and behead a Skrull by slamming his shield down of the base of his neck. Well, weird for me at least.

This video has been catching some buzz on the gaming blogs around the net. The vibe is that most viewers would like to see THQ pick this property back up and put it into development once more. I'm not convinced.

This game was probably slated for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. Based on the video above, given development time, would you have been interested?