Thank goodness Call of Duty decided to take its mindless killing into the not-so-distant future, because the modern warfare scene now seems to be under fire itself. As if Spec Ops: The Line wasn't enough of a statement against the irresponsible glorification of war, 11bitstudios' This War of Mine has been getting all kinds of praise for what happens behind those seemingly empty buildings that scatter its multiplayer maps.

The teaser trailer for This War of Mine is one of the best in years. It starts like how you would find any generic modern warfare shooter with soldiers advancing down a street, taking bullets in the chest because only cowards take cover, I guess. That is, until about halfway through the trailer, when we see the side of a war that video games often forget to include.

This War of Mine doesn't star you as a glorified action hero soldier but rather the leader of a group of survivors. Your job is to ration out food, assign jobs to other survivors, avoid incoming sniper fire, and basically do whatever it takes survive the chaos outside. In other words, this is probably what your life will be like if a real Call of Duty gun battle ever came to your neighborhood.

So again, it's great that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes you to the future because its not going to be you hiding behind the walls of that game. It's just your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This War of Mine is available now through Steam for $19.99. Check out the full gameplay trailer below.