Face it, that stock charging cable that came with your iPhone just wasn't built to last. If you're like any other longtime iPhone user, the lightning cable that came with your phone is probably twisted, frayed, and struggling to hold a charge. Meet the Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable, the last charging cable you'll ever need, for $29.99 from TechnoBuffalo.

The Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable is a 1.5 meter cable designed to make all regular lightning cables obsolete. It boasts two layers of flexible, high-strength steel that ensures the wiring stays protected from the elements. Even the lightning and USB connectors are housed in aluminum plating, so they're much more resistant to cracking and breaking — and you get a solid lightning cable from beginning to end.

The Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable is normally $42.50, but TechnoBuffalo has a special deal for its readers: get this durable charging cable now for just $29.99.