Tesla is a great company, making arguably some of the best electric cars around. But if there we had one grip, it’s the fact that the automaker doesn’t offer a lot of options with its cars. That responsibility is falling on others, and they are running with the idea full steam ahead. A Dutch design studio just so happened to conjure up a station wagon Model S concept that’s actually turning into reality.

Niels van Roji Design, the studio behind the Model S concept, wanted to keep the design as faithful as possible to the original Model S design, so aside from the hatchback, it still looks like the classic Tesla sedan we’ve seen roaming the streets. But that hatch adds an extra flair that looks fantastic.

The design studio is calling it the Tesla Model S “Shooting Brake.” That’s just a fancier word for station wagon, but it sounds infinitely cooler. While Niels van Roji designed the concept, RemetzCar, a Dutch company, will be responsible for bringing the concept to life. You might remember that this is the same company that created the Model S hearse not too long ago.

Orders for the Model S Shooting Brake are now open. Niels van Roji only plans on producing 20 units of the special edition car with availability expected some time in March. Pricing has not been made available for the car, but expect it to break the six-figure barrier.