So you've heard about Google's step into the social arena with Google Buzz.  You're either one of the many who are waiting on Google to green light your Gmail account so you can get buzzin' or you may be one of the less enthusiastic who are, quite frankly, exhausted by number of outlets that require our immediate updates.  Sign me up for the latter.

When I first heard of Google Buzz I'll admit, I was curious.  It's not another service I have to sign up for, it's integrated with a platform I already use.  After soaking in the idea for nearly a day, it's become fairly clear that this is just another social networking platform that I'd have to maintain.  Social networking isn't meant to be a chore, it's supposed to be a fun way to share, well…whatever.   As new platforms continue to break into the scene, the fragmentation is going to get worse.  A handful of your contacts use Facebook, a different handful rely on Twitter, fewer use MySpace, many manage LinkedIn, and so on and so forth.  To keep up with your social circle, you're going to have quite the burden on your hands.

The solution to this fragmentation has been to pull your assortment of social media accounts' updates into one platform.  Google pulls your Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader feeds all into Buzz, making the information accessible from your inboxgoogbuzz. Importing just creates clutter. You'll probably be able to post to these accounts from Buzz, but wouldn't one mainstream platform work best?

Google Buzz does do some things the competition doesn't.  They've got some of the best mobile updating support around with an emphasis on location sharing.  The ability to pull images from an included link for sharing, in-stream video sharing, and inbox integration all make Buzz as, if not more appealing, than Twitter.  It's a shame Google failed to buy Twitter last year because they're off to a great start with Buzz.

What's your take?  Am I being a Debbie downer or are all these social networks tiring to keep up with?  Are you going to give Buzz a shot?  Share your take in the comments.