Instead, what you’ll see is Funanah, a pro Overwatch player, knock the opposing team’s defense apart with a boop aimed solely at pushing Reinhardt into his team’s area of destruction. Here’s the boop and the turn as it goes down on Dorado:

This went down during the recent Tespa Collegiate Champion Finals with a prize pot of $100,000.

Why’s this play a big deal?

At the pro level of Overwatch, contesting a space is huge. Contesting normally requires a full team of six players, not five or less. When your team count drops, especially if it’s a tank or healer that dies, the rest of the team is left at a severe disadvantage.

The opposing team had an excellent vantage on the balcony at the turn here on Dorado, but this one boop pushed Rein down, letting the attacking team gain the advantage and roll to the next checkpoint. That turned the match.

Small plays, as in all sports and contests, can be huge.