The perfect portable console didn’t exist—sorry, Nintendo Switch—until the PiiWii came along.

Thanks to the intrepid engineering of Shank Mods, an entire Wii console was stuck inside of a handheld small enough to fit in your pocket. Granted, that pocket would have to be attached to cargo pants, but you get the picture.

According to the video, the PiiWii was created using the internals of a Wii, which means there’s no emulation involved. Games—both GameCube and Wii—are run off a USB flash drive.

To fit the console into such a small package, Shank Mods tore down a Wii, cut it into pieces, and re-wired it to fit into the customized plastic shell.

The PiiWii features a 3.5-inch display, stereo speakers, 4 to 5 hours of battery life, and an LED light to indicate when the battery is low. Shank Mods also outfitted the console with GameCube controller buttons and 3DS circle pads.

Playing the entire back catalog of the GameCube and Wii on a portable device is every gamer’s dream. While the PiiWii will never become a product you can buy, here’s hoping there will be more GameCube and Wii games in the Nintendo Switch’s future.