Whether you’re a female tech user tired of all the male-oriented gear out there (I hear ya, sister!), or a guy looking for gift ideas for the gadget girl in his life, there’s something for everyone out there. And perusing the webs, there have been some that have definitely gotten on this tech girl’s radar lately. Here’s a peek at a few:

When did tech get so rocker glam? This retro 80s style USB bag charm evokes the hard-charging front-women of bygone eras — think Pat Benatar or Joan Jett. The Stud USB drive also rocks the brains too, since it can tell our inbox-cluttering emails-to-selves to take a hike. Portable storage for electronic docs never looked so bad ass. $45. Cameo Nouveau.

If the Apple tablet had been available during Victorian times, I’m pretty sure this is the setting it would have been laid on. This wood and brass Etsy iPad charging dock isn’t just elegant, it’s also highly functional, with a swing arm that articulates up, down and side-to-side for the ultimate in portrait viewing angles. $99. Etsy.

These show-stopping, über modern glass speakers are just flat-out pretty, with changing colors that offer a home user some eye-popping mood lighting. But it’s not all about the looks — there are wall-mounted units and/or floor standing speakers with subwoofers available as well. Prices TBA. Greensound Technologies.

Some women like cool, hard-hitting accessories, while others melt at the sight of adorable, oh-so-cute looks. Oh, c’mon — it’s Pikachu, for crying out loud! Even if the whole Pokemon thing was never your bag, it’s okay to admit that this vinyl smartphone sleeve is crazy cute. $15. Etsy.

I have a soft spot for gear that masquerades as cosmetics — it’s so spy chic — and this USB flash drive is no exception. Best part? If you’re smuggling secrets over the border for your federal agency handler, no one would ever think to look inside your lipstick to uncover those all-important electronic files. $16-25. USB Brando.

When eye-catching jewelry can satisfy today’s most demanding tech needs, then you’ve got a winner. And the Finger Stylus has that and more. Unfortunately, this is just a concept, but looking at this mock-up, it should really be a no-brainer for someone (anyone?) to bring this extremely interesting capacitive stylus to market. As a ring, its basic looks and unassuming aesthetic is flat-out charming, and very worthy of being sported on those thin ring fingers. But move it over the thumbs, and that’s where the real beauty of this thing lies, for a workable touch input accessory that’s always on hand. Via Gajitz

And here’s one that’s only slightly off-topic, just because…

To be honest, in my day-to-day life, I was getting pretty sick of emoticons. I’d even say there’s some rampant and widespread emoticon abuse going on out there. (Show of hands: How many people interact with others who inexplicably think that a snarky comment followed by a sideways smiley somehow means that they’re not jerks? Yep, thought so.) So let’s take back the smiley from those abusers! This item casts the colon+parenthesis into a wearable icon, offering an incredibly cute way to take back our feel-good symbol. 126,00€. Design Shop Outlet.

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