LEGO is going green with a new line of bricks made from sustainable materials, the company announced this week.

According to Lego, a new line in 2018 will be made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane, which is a type of polyethylene that tends to be softer and more durable. Naturally, the first bricks made with the more sustainable materials will be botanical-themed, and include leaves, bushes, and trees.

But don't think because these new bricks are more environmentally friendly they're any less high quality.

"They are technically identical to those produced using conventional plastic," LEGO said in an announcement.

The polyethylene bricks are 1 to 2 percent of the total amount of plastic produced by LEGO, the company said. The launch is part of a larger push from Lego to use more sustainable materials in core products and packing by 2030.

LEGO has also partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in an effort to further cut emissions in manufacturing.

"We are proud that the first LEGO elements made from sustainably sourced plastic are in production and will be in LEGO boxes this year," said Tim Brooks, vice president, environmental responsibility at the LEGO group. "This is a great first step in our ambitious commitment of making all LEGO bricks using sustainable materials."

Ten years from now, you won't notice a difference when you and/or your children are playing LEGO made from more sustainable material. Which means they'll still hurt like hell when you step on a brick. But at least they'll just more be environmentally friendly.