Now that the Galaxy S8 has been released, attention has turned to the iPhone 8. If it’s anything like the latest concept from Concepts iPhone, it will be definitely be a hit.

Concepts iPhone is a YouTube channel that specializes in creating some of the best-looking iPhone concepts around. It’s latest one imagines what the reported iPhone Edition would look like without bezels, and it is a beauty.

The concept integrates the camera into display, which seamlessly blends in the black version of the iPhone. Not sure how practical this would be in the real world, but in the concept world it is awesome. Another new feature is a quad speaker set-up similar to the one found in the iPad Pro. Two are found at the top and two at the bottom in their normal resting place.

The display looks cool, but the White Ceramic finish looks even better

Probably the best feature about the iPhone Edition concept is the gorgeous White Ceramic version. Apple only uses the White Ceramic finish on the Apple Watch Edition, but how fitting would it be if it found its way onto the iPhone Edition?

You can check out Concepts iPhone’s full iPhone Edition concept down below.