McLaren is known for making some of the best-looking luxury sports car designs. One of the most iconic sports cars ever is the McLaren 720S. It’s a pretty impressive car and McLaren is ratcheting up the wow factor with a new single center seat version that looks like the cockpit of a spaceship.

This isn’t the first time McLaren has made a center-seated car. Remember the McLaren F1? It was another killer design but it was discontinued in 1998 after only six years of production. The same design cues were made in the special edition 720S.

On the outside, the car looks like any regular McLaren 720S, which is to say it looks gorgeous. It’s outfitted with a funky black and white pattern of circles. Nothing too different from the normal version save for the gigantic side mirrors.

The story changes inside with the center driver’s seat. Placed in the middle, everything else is adjusted as well: steering wheel, instrument cluster, pedals and various other controls. This particular version also has two displays hanging from the A-pillars that give it an even more futuristic look.

The displays were put in there to help with the driver’s vision. McLaren previously installed two side mirrors attached to the windshield in the F1 to offset visibility issues, but this was back in the 90s. Now the displays relay the feed from side cameras.

Unfortunately, the McLaren 720S you see in the images is only a “mule” car, which means it’s just a testing car. It’s going to be the framework for the upcoming BP23 hypercar. It was created to “investigate different ergonomic solutions.”

This fabled BP23 hypercar will be a three-seat sports car. Although it will retain the center seat from the F1, it’s not a successor to the car. McLaren has stated it will only produce 106 units, making it a collector’s edition for any car aficionado. It will be McLaren’s fastest car ever.

Will it top the F1’s top speed of 241 miles per hour? We certainly hope so.