Sony of Japan has released two separate gameplay sizzlers in one single video. They built a segment for the spring and summer releases for the PS4 platform, and then they did it again for the PS Vita.

The lineup of games feature the likes of Tokyo Xanadu, Batman: Arkham Knight, Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and a whole lot more. It’s not necessarily the great lineup that I like so much (though it is genuinely good), it’s the tone and presentation of the trailer.

The announcer nails every segment, even with my slowly degrading understanding of the Japanese language. Then we get to the English moments, and they’re even better.

Man, the Batman bit absolutely killed me. “Bat, Batter, Batest… WHO’S BAT?” Amazing. Someone on NeoGAF even GIF’d the moment because it was so solid.

Thank you, Sony of Japan. I’m sure that joke wasn’t meant for us, but we love it all the same.

A lot of these games are bound for a western release, too, but I personally hope they localize the new Taiko title. I miss that series dearly.