Earlier today Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped a huge hint about the company’s rumored iWatch, but we’re still not expecting to see the device announced for at least a few more months. Thankfully, there are always concept designs to distract us, and today’s beautiful concept from SET Solution incorporates some of the latest rumors to serve up a beautiful vision of what the iWatch might look like.

Most smartwatch screens today fall well under 2 inches (measured diagonally), but a recent report from Reuters has us thinking the iWatch could offer a massive 2.5-inch display that straps to your wrist. Others have suggested that at this size Apple could simply shrink down iOS 8 instead of developing a completely new operating system, while Apple’s decision to use some sort of curved sapphire glass for the device seems like a given at this point.

SET Solution takes everything we think we know about the iWatch and brings it to life with this new video. The company makes a few extra predictions, suggesting the device could offer six days of battery life per charge. The concept design also incorporates health sensors, which we’re all expecting to see included after Apple announced Health and HealthKit last month at WWDC.

Most important though, this iWatch concept design looks beautiful. Hopefully Apple can live up to the massive hype surrounding its rumored smartwatch, which is likely to be the first new product category introduced by the company since Cook took over as CEO. If it’s anything like this video the iWatch may just be the smash hit Apple is looking for.