Chances are, if you're a long-term YouTube user or a fanatic (whether watcher or creator), you probably noticed that videos tend to get stuck at 301 views for a period of time before going on to greatness (or not). Is this a glitch? Some sort of spankdown for overly zealous Tubers? Nah, it's a security protocol instituted by design.

Google considers YouTube views incredibly important — and they are, particularly for anyone who relies on these figures for revenue or other business purposes (like yours truly, our own TechnoBuffalo). So to make sure that the numbers are REAL, not the end result of some clever bot-racking, the counts just sort of… well, STOP once 300 views are reached.

Sure, that YouTube caches each vid in multiple place (to diminish load times) is partly to blame. The company needs a little time to gather all the metrics from all those servers (across all the videos that reach this threshold), count them up and ensure the integrity of the numbers.

So the fact the view count pauses at 301 (or so) for a day before going on to epicness isn't so much a mystery as a fairly mundane confirmation protocol, one that can even repeat if the numbers really get hyper-crazed. Mystery solved.

If you're interested in the minutiae of how this works, check out the video by NumberPhile, for the full demystification.

[via, source NumberPhile]