Dying Light is packed with Easter eggs, something our own Eric Frederiksen briefly touched on in another article. I personally love this stuff, especially when the surprises stand in such start contrast with the game they live in.

Take, for instance, the Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 secret. You can romp through a first-person version of the famous first level in Nintendo's classic platformer. The video above shows exactly where it is on the map.

What that video doesn't mention, though, is the presence of another secret in the secret area. Hit one of the blocks and you'll get blueprints for a new piece of equipment that lets you glide while falling. Seriously. This video from Cradle II Grave Gaming shows where to get these plans and the gliding in action.

That's all pretty darn cool, and I love seeing hidden secrets like this. How about? Would you rather games cut all this extra stuff and play it straight, or do you like the odds and ends that pop up on the Internet after a title releases?

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