Apple's next iPhone sure has had its fair amount of rumors and reports, yet the fate of Touch ID is still a mystery. As many of the rumors seem to indicate we should prepare to say goodbye to the infamous home button on the upcoming flagship, we need to consider where Apple may be trying to relocate its beloved fingerprint sensor.

Tracking Apple's patent filings to predict new products and features has been a great way to take a glimpse into the company's possible future, as we have seen numerous patent reports about implementing Touch ID under the display. However, Apple might not be ready yet to have this technology ready for the next iPhone, as a recent image leak backs previous reports showing Touch ID in a rather awkward circular cutout under the Apple logo on the back.

Having Touch ID on the back of your new iPhone might not be that bad after all, but we still can't get over how awkward it looks under that Apple logo in Slash leaks recent photo:

Last year was filled with Apple design flaws from the Magic mouse 2, the iPad pro cover to the iPhone battery case and we really hope that this does not occur again with the iPhone 8 Touch ID placement.

Rationally speaking, the best alternative position to place the Touch ID is the Apple Logo on the back, it's a seamless solution and a very familiar position that was proven very effective by many Android handsets such as the Google Pixel and LG G6 recently.

In July 2015, Patently Apple reported on a new patent application backing our suggestion:

 "Today's patent application continues that line of thinking by creatively using the backside of an iPhone and more particularly the Apple Logo insert as doubling as a Touch ID sensor – and beyond."

This can be the ultimate solution to save the next iPhone from the company's design list of shame. While mixed reports and leaks keep popping up on the web, the large differences between leaked schematics might also point to having multiple variants of iPhones planned to launch in fall. We can expect to have more answers regarding the lost, but not forgotten, Touch ID sensor soon.

For now, we would like to hear your opinion in the poll below, where do you think Touch ID will be located on the next Apple flagship?