As much pride as manufacturers take in their improvements to help smartphones and tablets withstand increasingly tough conditions, you'd think companies would start paying that kind of attention to those fragile, virtually disposable charging cables.

Nomad did — and now, you can benefit from their diligence with the built-to-last Ultra Rugged charging cables, available for $29.95 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

Toss out all those frayed, splitting and virtually useless old cables. With Nomad, you get braided ballistic military-grade nylon coverage, double thick protective PVC jackets, extra thick wire gauge and a robust Kevlar core. Urban adventurers can hit the terrain, confident their charging cables can survive the roughest adventures.

These tough-as-nails charging cables also come packing RF shielding to aid with fast data sync, 20AWG fast charging and even liquid silicone rubber construction so they can bend and  wrap without tangles.

iPhone and iPad users can get a Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning cable for only $29.95, a version with Lightning, USB and Micro USB connectors for $34.95 and even one with its own 2,350mAh on-bard battery for just $39.95.