HTC One X vs. GS3 manual

If quad-core processors get you all hot under the collar and you simply couldn't purchase a new smartphone without one, then the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III are really your only two choices right now. But which is best? Well, we all know what a HTC representative would say. In fact, the Taiwanese company is training its staff to convince you that the One X is better than the Galaxy S III in every way.

Demand for the Galaxy S III has been incredible, and HTC knows it has some major competition on its hands. But it is hoping this information pack, which is handed out to its sales teams, will help persuade you that the One X is is even better.

The pack lists "countering objections," specifications comparisons, and a detailed look at the differences between each handset's display. Of course, everything is worded carefully to make the One X look like the best Android handset there is. For example, one of the objections to the One X is that the "GS3 is slimmer." To which HTC would argue:

"Only 0.3mm difference. HTC One X is lighter, feels slimmer, and looks way better."

HTC also notes that the One X is faster, has a better rear-facing camera, better sound, a better display, better durability, and a better design.

HTC One X vs. GS3 manual 2

HTC is obviously aware of the fact that its sales teams will be asked questions about the Galaxy S III, and why they should choose the One X over it. And it's only sensible that the company wants to ensure its staff are prepared for those.

The thing I found most interesting about this manual is the calendar icon that has quite clearly been lifted from Apple's iCal app (below).

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HTC One X vs. GS3 manual 3

One X vs SGg3 manual 3