Last week at its WWDC keynote, Apple unveiled its brand new Space Gray iMac Pro. You could tell Apple was particularly proud of its new powerful desktop, but was surprisingly mum on its pricing, only revealing it will start off at an insane $5,000. Now we know why.

The fully-loaded iMac Pro will cost an insane $17,299.

The price tag was figured out by ZDNet using estimations of the price of components. It cross referenced the options with the current iMac and upgrades through individual suppliers. This accounted for Apple’s 80 percentmark-up if you upgraded through its website, which you will have to with the iMac Pro. The final pricing was the outstanding figure over $17,000.

Obviously, the big ticket items like the 18-core processor and 4TB SSD option will cost the most.

Let’s break down what $17,299 will get you.

  • Base 5K iMac Pro: $4,999
  • 18-core processor: $4,000
  • 128GB of RAM: $2,700
  • Pro Vega 16GB HBM2: $2,000
  • 4TB SSD: $3,600
  • Grand total: $17,299 (plus tax)

Most iMac Pro purchasers probably won’t get the fully-loaded model. It’s damn powerful, but mostly overkill. For most, the eight-core or ten-core variants should provide plenty of power along with some extra cash. But even those options will probably push the machine up near or over the $10,000 threshold. You also have to remember that there are a few specific features you will also get with the iMac Pro like the fresh Space Gray paint job and brand new Magic Mouse, Keyboard and Trackpad accessories that will only be available with the iMac Pro.

After the minor letdown the new Touch Bar MacBook Pros were last year, Apple responded forcefully. Unfortunately, that forcefulness was directed at the iMac Pro’s power and your wallet. But just think of all those teraflops you’ll be getting.

At least the $17,299 iMac Pro will get you much more power than these $15,000 Apple shoes will.