With the ubiquitous home button gone from the iPhone X, Apple introduced multiple new gestures to control iOS 11. Some of these are much more intuitive than others. Swiping up to go home has become quite natural, but accessing Control Center with the swipe down from the right corner is one of the most annoying changes. A developer took the annoyance to heart and designed an alternative that makes using Control Center infinitely easier.

Before the iPhone X’s gestures, accessing Control Center in past iPhones could be done with simple swipe up. Unfortunately, with that gesture changing with the iPhone X, reaching all the way to the top of the right corner to do a simple task like adjusting brightness or turning off orientation lock is a lot less intuitive. Using reachability does make it easier, but it’s still an extra step. iOS developer Guilherme Rambo reimagined what it would look like to use Control Center with a 3D Touch swipe, and it is pretty awesome.

Rambo posted his vision on Twitter. It’s similar to the 3D Touch swipe that brought up the app switcher in previous iPhones. Instantly, accessing Control Center becomes a one-swipe method that does not require uncomfortably reaching to the top or using a two-step process with Reachability.

We should cut the iPhone X some slack; it’s still only one week old. It’ll take a while before Apple irons out all the kinks. Adopting a new gesture-based system was bound to have its drawbacks, and the Control Center just happens to be one of them. It would be cool to see Apple adopt Rambo’s idea in a future iOS 11 update (or maybe in iOS 12) to make some of the gestures feel much more natural.