Late last month, a judge lifted a ban against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and finally gave Samsung the go-ahead to launch the device down under. Of course, Apple appealed the decision to the High Court, but its luck ran out.

However, if Apple’s appeal had have been successful, Samsung would have had to make some drastic change to its Galaxy Tab in order to sell it. Apple’s lawyers listed a number of things that Samsung should follow when designing its device to stop it from infringing on the iPad, including:

  • A shape that isn’t rectangular, or does not ave rounded corners
  • A thick frame rather than a thin bezel around the edge of the front surface
  • A front surface that isn’t completely flat
  • A profile that isn’t thin
  • A cluttered appearance

That certainly sounds like the complete opposite of the iPad — a strange shape with sharp corners, a thick frame, a curved or bumpy surface, a fat form factor, and a cluttered appearance. These features would make for a tablet that no one would be interested in purchasing. If Samsung had followed these guidelines, here’s what it might have come up with:

Apple's ugly Samsung Galaxy TabShe’s rather pretty, isn’t she? No, of course not. She’s darn ugly.

And that’s why Samsung heavily borrowed aspects of the iPad’s design for its Galaxy Tab. Sure, some of the Galaxy Tab’s features are clearly made to look like the iPad’s — such as its packaging — and Samsung could have changed a few things to make its device a little different. But overall, it had no choice but to follow the same basic principles, otherwise it would be attempting to flog something ghastly like you see above.

I certainly don’t agree with some of Samsung’s “borrowing,” because some of its products are clearly too close to Apple’s. However, I do understand why it didn’t make the tablet above.

Would you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab as designed by Apple’s lawyers?

[via Gizmodo]