What do you get with a little romance, a little song, a little tech and a lot of geekery? This spectacular marriage proposal, complete with 60+ of mastermind Isaac Lamb's friends and family, live lip-dubbing to Bruno Mars' "Marry You."

Lamb, a Portland-based actor, apparently got everyone he ever knew involved so he could pop the question to girlfriend Amy Frankel. Under the guise of playing her a song, his brother got the "pop-ee" to put on a pair of headphones and sit in the back of a Honda CRV. Then this wacky bit of awesome unfolded. (The best part is the real-time picture-in-picture of her reaction as her future in-laws and pals put her in the middle of her very own episode of Glee.)

Even if you're not into sentimental schmaltziness, you've got to marvel at what it must've taken to get this carefully orchestrated affair together. Actually, it seems everyone's marveling over this thing — the vid has gone monumentally viral (with well over 7 million views) in just a few days' time.

Now, if this is just the proposal, can you imagine what the actual wedding's going to be like?

[via NewsNet5.com]