Android developmentWhat you’re looking at is one app developer’s experience when doing quality assurance testing for Android. Overwhelming, no? This is but a tiny fraction of the work Hong Kong-based Animoca puts into making sure its apps are compatible with the many different Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Typically, the company tests its software on over 400 devices running Google’s OS. Not. A. Typo.

Yat Siu, CEO of Animoca’s parent company Outblaze, posted this picture from Outblaze’s headquarters on Friday. (On a side note, Animoca is responsible for developing Pretty Pet Salon, which is why there’s a really creepy-looking mouse/dog/fish sitting at the end of the table).

Animoca told TechCrunch that the company has detected almost 600 unique Android devices on its network in total, so the 400 devices it does perform QA on doesn’t even cover the entire ridiculously overflowing spectrum.

Eric Schmidt predicted late last year that developers would eventually start choosing Android before they work on Apple’s iOS, but a study from Appcelerator this past March begs to differ. The picture above might be why.

Perhaps Nokia CEO Stephen Elop summed up Android’s overpopulation problem best when he said OEMs are cranking out devices much faster than “the time that it takes [Nokia] to polish a PowerPoint presentation.”

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