Fez is the dimension shifting, mind bending, indie platformer developed by Polytron and heading to the Xbox LIVE Arcade sometime this year, hopefully. We say "hopefully" because this game was first rumored for 2009, then 2010 and now 2011. Despite the delays, Fez is stunning.

In Fez, players will progress through levels that are a unique blend of 2D and 3D. Using the triggers, players will shift the perspective of the level and create new 2D platforms to further their progress. It's a lot like Sony's Echocrome for the PSP, or, better yet, a game one would have pictured M. C. Escher designing.

If that description has done nothing but confuse you as to exactly how this game works and is played, I suggest you settle in and watch the video up top. It does wonders for explaining exactly what Fez is.

Fez has been in the works for several years now. The game actually won the Excellence in Visual Art Award at the Independent Games Festival back in 2008. It was also nominated for the Design Innovation Award in the same year, but Fez lost out to 2D Boy's World of Goo.

While the release date is still uncertain for Polytron's Fez, the company points towards 2011 as the year in question. The title has been delayed a few times, so don't be surprised to see it pushed back a little further. Currently, Fez is and Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive.