Designer Alvaro Pabesio this week shared a beautiful concept for the next version of macOS, and needless to say Apple should hire him immediately. Anything less than Pabesio’s design when Apple takes the stage at WWDC this summer will be a huge disappointment, that’s how lovely the concept is.

What’s great is how well Pabesio blends iOS with a desktop environment. Many of iOS’s biggest features, such as Control Center and navigation bar, have been integrated into the macOS environment, and they look perfectly at home on something like the MacBook Pro.

In particular, having Control Center in macOS would be handy because it would transform the traditional menu bar and replace it with a simplified design that gives users quick access to things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Pabesio’s concept also features a new settings option that will allow Apple users to more easily manage their different devices. “You no longer need to plug your device and open iTunes, or log into iCloud to manage the rest of devices,” Pabesio imagines. “MacOS 11 can do everything wirelessly, with any device and all in the same app.”

The most exciting part of Pabesio’s concept is the inclusion of Universal apps, which a Bloomberg report recently said is Apple’s biggest priority this year. Imagine using the apps you love on iPhone on your MacBook Pro, including News and Wallet. It opens up a lot of possibilities, and could potentially turn Apple’s macOS into a much more powerful platform.

Other ideas floated by Pabesio include a dark mode, improved iMessage, and more. Check out the gallery above to see more of Pabesio’s concept.