Surprisingly, this isn't a rejected SNL skit. Nivea, a company that makes adult body lotion, partnered with an ad agency encouraging kids to use sunscreen before going outside. Nice, right?

Somehow, this is the best they could come up with.

Instead of actually stressing the importance of sun protection, the agency made a drone disguised as a seagull that in turn squirts sunscreen onto kids. The accompanying video, which you can watch above, is as ridiculous as it sounds.

The sentiment behind the ad is admirable, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Everybody undertsands the importance of sun protection, except the ones who need it most: our kids. The solution? Parents who drop it, or a bird that drops its load?

The engineering behind the project is actually pretty impressive, involving plungers, a UV camera, and a sophisticated drone. But, holy crap, the ad is just all kinds of wrong. A seagull that drops its load onto small children? Um, no.

Nivea was apparently so confident in the ad that the company entered it into a competition, to which one of the judges called it "the most stupid thing I think I've seen in my whole life." The judge went on to say he thought Nivea collaborated with Monty Python to create the ad—not even Monty Python would create something this insane.

When reached by Adweek for comment, the agency behind the campaign said they decided to no longer promote the ad.

Remember kids: the next time you see a seagull flying overhead, don't run for cover. Instead, open your arms wide and accept its warm gooey gift as protection from the sun's evil rays.