It’s been a heck of a seesaw with iPhone X pre-orders. Launch day had shipping estimates slip up to six weeks, but that thankfully improved in the ensuing days. Those who got lucky enough to score a launch date delivery for tomorrow already got their shipping confirmation, but one lucky customer got his iPhone X a day early.

This lucky customer from the U.K. took to MacRumor’s forum to detail how he managed to do so. Apple instructs companies like FedEx UPS (or DPD on this occasion, which is a delivery company in the U.K.), to deliver items on an instructed date. That would be Friday, November 3, the official release date for the iPhone X. But this user tried something a little different and it ended up working out.

When he got the shipping notification for delivery tomorrow, he called DPD and asked if he could pick it up instead from a depot. For some reason, he was allowed to do this and walked out with the iPhone X a day early. He even took a picture of his iPhone X to commemorate his victory (you can see it in the gallery below).

Somebody at DPD screwed up, but the mistake was made and one iPhone X made it out into the wild a day early. The rest of us will have to wait until tomorrow for our units to arrive.