If you’re going to ride a hoverboard, you better do it with flair, otherwise you risk looking like a super dweeb who’s too lazy to walk. One way to do it is to dress up as Goku from Dragon Ball, and go Super Saiyan through traffic.

The video shows the performer riding through the streets on Taipei on a hoverboard that looks like Goku’s Flying Nimbus, which is essentially the equivalent of a flying carpet. It looks hilarious and awesome, and should be applauded for such an imaginative (but probably dangerous) use of the technology.

We’ve already seen people use hoverboards and rideables in unconventional ways, but this is clever in its own way. The Goku cosplay is spot on, and the way he rides around while wearing sunglasses gives off a very casual vibe, like this is just something that happens—DEAL WITH IT.