You might not know who bearzly is by name, but there’s a good chance you know his work if you follow any Dark Souls news. The guy who beat the game with the Rock Band guitar and drums? That was bearzly.

He’s back with what he’s dubbed “by far the hardest run [he’s] ever completed.” The man beat Dark Souls using only his voice. You can see his final battle with Ornstein and Smough in the video above, and you’ll hear and see his voice commands translate to in-game movement and, thus, completion.

The player took to Reddit to talk about his accomplishments after it was all done. He died 485 times during this voice play through, he experienced roughly 1.5 seconds of lag between each voice command and its execution and he managed to beat the game in 30 hours.

The aforementioned Ornstein and Smough video? That accounted for 111 of the 485 deaths in this run.

Pretty crazy, and pretty awesome.

Will bearzly go for more? “I doubt I will try anything more insane than this, but I’m open to suggestions”