When Fallout 3 starts, you're a baby. You're born, you live in the vault, you have a birthday, things go wrong and you leave. When you leave, though, you're grown up.

What if you managed to get out right around 1 year of age? Say you were still a baby, complete with goo-goo and ga-ga sound effects, and you ventured out into the wasteland to fight monsters, raiders and mutants. Would that be fun?

It was for one player. YouTuber Bryan Pierre used a glitch to leave the vault as a baby, complete with the low vertical reach, and hit the wasteland. He chornicled his adventures in full on YouTube, and you can see part one at the head of this post. Yes, he beat the game this way.

Good for him, really. This is a great way to kill time between now and Fallout 4.