What is it about taking the open world playground of Grand Theft Auto games and then adding in completely asinine mods? The title and its mechanics are always so perfectly suited for this nonsense, and now we have a new mod featuring Iron Man and a whole lot of violence.

The first minute or so of the video above will have you thinking, “okay, sure, whatever.” Then Iron Man punches a car. Then he jumps. Then he uses his repulsor beam. Then he takes off. Yep, this mod looks awesome.

Iron Man is super cranky about something.

If you have Grand Theft Auto V on the PC platform, you will soon be able to snag this mod for free (of course). This comes from JulioNB, and you can support his work on Patreon as linked in his name in this sentence. The mod is a work in progress, though the YouTube video’s description has links for stuff like the script and model itself.

Please, modders, keep the insanity coming. I love watching these videos.