By now you’ve heard about how great the Samsung Galaxy S8 is, and the buzz is warranted—it is a fantastic phone. But sometimes great just isn’t good enough. YouTuber JerryRigEverything wasn’t satisfied with Samsung’s design and decided to make some unique customizations.

He already tore down the Galaxy S8 and conducted a durability test that revealed it’s a surprisingly tough phone. During his breakdown, he noticed the back panel is coated with a thin layer of paint that can be scratched off. He remarked during the video just how awesome a clear version of the S8 would be, so he decided to conduct an experiment.

Scratching the paint off wasn’t feasible nor practical, so he instead used paint thinners to cleanly remove the paint. During the removable, he discovered a laminated bond that helped fuse the paint with the glass panel. He now had a clear glass panel to see the internals of the of the S8, but he wasn’t done tinkering.

The inside of the S8 is not meant to be seen, so it isn’t the prettiest looking interior. The big, black wireless-charging pad blocks off most of the view, so he removed it. He also removed the excess plastic that covered the circuit board. The phone still works, it just lost some extra plastic, and it won’t charge wirelessly anymore. After putting it back together, he had a beautiful looking clear Galaxy S8.

Don’t try this at home

Unless you have experience in tearing phones apart, we don’t recommend you try this at home. JerryRigEverything notes that this is a dangerous procedure because taking the S8 apart voids the warranty. The procedure also eliminates the waterproofing.

It’s still really cool to see a clear Galaxy S8. Maybe Samsung will take note and release a special edition.