There’s just something alluring about powerful supercars. Maybe it’s their outrageous price tag or ostentatious looks, but they capture our attention like few other things. That’s the market Duboc Motors is aiming to get into with its crowdfunded Tomahawk electric supercar.

It exists only in concept right now, but two gorgeous reference models and an impressive list of specs has us drooling to see it become a reality.

Duboc Motors is a Quebec-based startup that began a crowdfunding goal of $25 million last year to build the Tomahawk electric supercar. It has stated the project already attracted many interested investors. Continuing to build hype around the concept car, Duboc Motors released a full list of specifications that reveal the Tomahawk will be a beast.

“We are pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible in the automotive industry to create a ‘wow’ experience for our customers every time they get behind the wheel,” said Duboc Motors co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis.

The Tomahawk will pack 800 horsepower, 100 pound-feet of torque and a 370 mile range. That coupled with Race Mode will see the car go from zero to sixty miles per hour in two seconds flat. That would make it the quickest street-legal car in the world—even faster than the Tesla Model S P100D, which has a zero to sixty time of 2.28-seconds. But again, those are just unofficial specs for a concept car. Tesla’s Model S and its crazy quickness is very real.

Here’s a complete breakdown off the Tomahawk’s specifications:

  • 800 horsepower
  • 1,000 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 miles per hour in 2.0 secods with Race Mode, 4 seconds on Street Mode
  • 100kWh, lithium-ion battery
  • 370 mile range
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber body and chassis
  • All-wheel drive
  • Live 360 degree camera
  • Length of 188 inches
  • Width of 80 inches
  • Height of 47.5 inches
  • Wheelbase of 110 inches

Still, Duboc Motors has a killer super car design if it ever does manage to manufacture it at a wide scale. The automaker is expecting the car to enter production in 2018, but the date is still not definitive. The design of the car features an aggressive front grill, wide rear, slick fenders and a low profile found in every Lamborghini or Ferrari out there. It is the quintessential sports car.

Now let’s wait and see if the Tomahawk ever sees the light of day.