One of the most iconic color options ever introduced for a product is the classic Atomic Purple for the Gameboy Color. The transparent case with the purple hue looked badass in 1998 when it was first introduced, and even now 19 years later, it still looks amazing.

Nintendo regrettably doesn’t offer the color option for the Switch, but it is a surprisingly easy do-it-yourself mod anyone can undertake. YouTuber Snazzy Labs did just that in his latest video and it completely changed the way the Switch looks.

The journey he took was long and difficult, with him discovering much easier process by the time he finished the project. But even so, it’s a great template in case you are thinking of experimenting with the Switch.

He began the project because he found clear casing for the Switch controllers online. This gave him the idea of buying them, dying the purple to get the Atomic Purple look and swapping out the standard Gray Joy Con casings. Sounds simple enough, but it was anything but.

The first dye round ended up destroying the casings. The ABN polycarbonate did not take in the dye properly due to excessive heat. The second round, he found a much better dye and keep the temperature lower through multiple repetitions, and it eventually worked as intended.

Before you start the project yourself, Snazzy Labs stated at the end of the video that transparent Switch casings in multiple color options are already available on Amazon. There’s no need to go through all the hassle he went through, but Snazzy Labs does warn not to use the tools that come with the third-party cases.

Disassembling the Switch Joy Cons to swap the components into the new casings is fairly easy. Snazzy Labs doesn’t go into detail about he, just stating it’s quite easy, but there are many guides you can find.

The end result was a unique and the new Atomic Purple Joy Cons look insanely cool. It’s a real throwback.

This is a much easier (and cooler) mod that the custom paint jobs that are out there that cost an arm and a leg.

You can check out Snazzy Labs‘ entire video down below, it’s quite interesting.