Don’t lie to me. We’ve all done it. The pit check. The collar sniff. It’s a hot day, you’ve walked six blocks, and you want to know if you smell bad. So, you lift your arm, pull open your shirt or waft your hands and take a little whiff.

Kunkun Body, this new invention from a company in Japan, is crowdfunding now to do that pit check for you. The company behind the product is Konica Minolta Japan.

Kunkun Body can sniff four areas of your body. Hold the gadget that’s connected to a phone app you have installed up to your armpits, behind your ear, near your head or around your feet and it takes a reading of your stink.

You’ll know, without having to check for yourself or hearing from others, whether or not you stink.

Kunkun Body has already far exceeded its funding goal. It will make it to market, though who knows if the West will see this thing.

Kunkun Body will sell in Japan for 30,000 yen, which is around $265. Can you put a price on saving yourself from smelly embarrassment?