You can control most of the connected gadgets in your house from a smartphone, but one company thinks it's come up with a better solution. The upcoming Smart Remote from French startup SevenHugs lets you control all those devices with a slim contextual display that can adapt to almost any situation.

The company is still finishing up its final product, but we got to see a bulkier version in action. SevenHugs also showed us a dummy unit of the final design, which you can see in the gallery above.

The Smart Remote comes with built-in support for a few major products: Sonos, Nest and Philips Hue lights. Point the remote at our speaker and you can control the volume or skip to another song. Aim it at the thermostat and you can raise or lower the temperature, or use it to control the brightness and color of your lights. You can even point it at the window to get a quick update on the temperature outside. There's also an open SDK for adding other gadgets down the line.

SevenHugs' remote comes with three connecter sockets so it can triangulate itself inside a room. It also includes a charging base that can sit on a table or stick to wall. In that second position it acts as a high-tech light switch that's ready to go as soon as you enter the room.

The Smart Remote launches in Q1 2016 for an unannounced price