If you’re the kind of person who gets validation out of wearing shiny rocks, then Brikk’s latest announcement will make your heart flutter. The luxury, and, frankly, outrageously opulent, design company on Thursday introduced an entire lineup of custom-made Apple Watches, designed specifically for “an exclusive clientele worldwide.” In other words, the one percenters.

Unless you can afford a $75,000 watch, Brikk doesn’t want your business. This insane form of capitalism should be familiar by now: jewelers capitalize on popular devices by adorning them with diamonds and other rare materials. Do people actually buy this stuff? Or do the companies just want attention? And the most important question of all: How does expensive jewelry enhance a person’s life?

Brikk’s line of Lux Watches will be available in 38mm and 42mm, with 24-karat yellow gold, 18-karat pink gold and 950 platinum options at launch. There will be a number of band options, too. Brikk says that it will completely disassemble the Apple Watches before they’re repurposed by a team of “skilled engineers.”

“They are hand polished, then plated with five layers of diverse metal before their final plating in either two layers of gold of platinum,” Brikk explained. High quality diamonds (color D, clarity VVS1) are set with a microscope in a custom-machined bezel. Each piece is then reassembled and tested before shipping to clients.”

The Standard, which only comes with a single row of diamonds (.50 carats) and a leather strap, will set buyers back $7,495, while the Deluxe model will retail for nearly $12,000. In a down economy of debt and poverty, this is just what we need. Accessories that cost entirely too much. But, hey, at least Brikk is promising a one-year warranty with your purchase. The Omni model starts at $69,995, though prices fluctuate depending on what size you want.

Watches can be expensive, but for something that will start at $349, this is definitely for only the most affluent. You can place a pre-order now, though you’ll have to put down a deposit. Brikk expects to ship out units 4-6 weeks after the Apple Watch officially launches in April.