The Audi A7 concept we saw during CES 2015 doesn't seem as impressive anymore. While that car drove itself from the Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, another car has made an even longer autonomous journey. A tricked-out version of an Audi SQ5 with Delphi Automotive technology just drove itself from San Francisco to New York City.

The car made the 3,400 mile trek with a driver behind the wheel at all times — laws still require that to be the case. According to TechRadar, however, it drove itself 99.9 percent of the time without much human intervention at all. Due to areas such as construction zones, a driver sometimes needed to take control of the car to make sure it was able to navigate safely in areas where autonomous driving wasn't the best bet.

It's an incredibly impressive feat nonetheless, and one that again shows us we're really not too far from cars that will chauffeur us from stop to stop.