Rumor has it BlackBerry is working on building an Android smartphone with a slide-out keyboard. A separate report suggested that Samsung may be a partner on the device, at least in some respects, though it's unclear what role Samsung will play. Now an image published recently appears to show Android already running on a BlackBerry.

Italian developer Nicola D'Amico recently published a photo that appears to show Android running on a BlackBerry Passport. We use the word "appears" because it's unclear what's actually going on here or whether it's legitimate. Again, reports suggest that BlackBerry is going to introduce a totally different device, not simply a Passport running Android, but perhaps this is some internal testing?

BlackBerry has not confirmed it's working on a new handset and has merely said that it's still dedicated to BlackBerry 10. I'm certainly excited at the prospect. Maybe we'll learn more about these projects soon, if indeed a real version of Lollipop for the Passport is floating around out there.