In the past year we’ve seen a ton smartwatches hit the market, but one of the biggest issues across the board for these devices is still battery life. No one wants to charge their watch every night, and a new device called Moment hopes to solve this issue with a 30-day battery and a sleek design to match.

Moment works using two separate screens. A simple light on the front shows a regular watch-face and blinks when you have a new notification. On the back of the device Moment features a flexible e-paper display that’s big enough to navigate apps and even a full QWERTY touch-keyboard. Along the sides of the device you’ll also find touch panels that can be programmed to launch specific apps, and under the hood Moment packs in a curved 30-day battery.

To be honest the whole thing sounds too good to be true, and it may turn out that it is. You can’t actually purchase Moment for the time being, and it’s hard to tell whether the company’s prototype can really deliver everything it promises. Starting later this month the device should show up on Kickstarter, at which point we’ll probably get a better idea of when the device will become a reality.