Among the many features coming to the new watchOS this fall will be Activation Lock, a feature designed to make your Apple Watch less of a target to thieves. The new measure is similar to what iOS users are already used to, making Apple’s new wearable harder to wipe and activate if stolen.

With the new feature enabled, Activation Lock will require the Apple ID and password that was first used to activate the Apple Watch to begin with. So, basically, if your Apple Watch is swiped, and someone tries to wipe it, they’ll need your information to actually use the wearable. This, in theory, makes the device much less of a target among thieves who, before, could easily wipe an Apple Watch and get it up and running with just a few taps.

Apple said it initially developed the Apple Watch to react this way in case you forget your passcode, but it wound up being a worry for users who were concerned it made their fancy new watch a target.

You’ll have to turn Activation Lock on to use it, so you’re in control of the feature. Even if you don’t enable it, it should cause thieves to think twice before swiping the watch from your wrist.