Animal Crossing Demake

One 2D game artist took to Twitter to share a piece of fanart that has had the world salivating for almost a week now. It's for Animal Crossing, the kooky life simulation affair from Nintendo that's released on four platforms to-date, and it comes in pixel art form.

You can see that art at the head of this post. The tweet from the Brazilian artist who goes by Midio sits below.

A little link digging reveals that Midio is, in fact, selling prints of his work. You can get it in several sizes starting at 10″ x 7″ and cruising up to 28″ x 20″. That's happening on a site called Society6.

What do you think? I think the art is gorgeous, personally, and I'd also play that same demake. Although, I'm an Animal Crossing fan, so I suppose that much is given.