After 25 missions, 299 days in space, 4,700 Earth orbits and 123 MILLION MILES TRAVELED, NASA's Endeavour landed at LAX on Friday before finally retiring to the California Science Center. It highlights the end of an era, and finalizes what was a historic journey that will go down in history.

The amazing video — which sort of gives me an Armageddon vibe — above is a wonderful reminder of what mankind is capable of. Shot with a RED Epic at 5K res and 96 fps, the style and production displays a dramatic scene that exudes a proper hero's welcome home.

The Endeavour was perched atop a Boeing 747 and paraded through U.S. skies over a three day period. The craft's final journey was designed to show the Endeavour soaring through the air one last time before finally touching down in LA. Endeavour's retirement comes after NASA's program shutdown in 2011, along with the retirement of Discovery, Enterprise and Atlantis.

[via Gizmodo]