Don't let life fly by without capturing your most memorable moments on video. The Activeon CX 1080p WiFi Action Camera is the perfect camera to help you relive your best memories. It parallels the GoPro in video capture quality, but is only a fraction of the price at $39.99.

Paul Strauss from Technabob described the camera in a glowing review: "I'm happy to say that the Activeon CX action camera not only works as well as GoPro's base Hero model, but is much more feature rich for less money." With all the built-in features, you'll be able to record awesome 1080p HD video while on the move. AQUA Mode will even allow you to capture shots underwater!

Other nifty features include a time lapse video function and remote recording from your smartphone via the ACTIVEON app. For a limited time, you can get the Activeon CX 1080p WiFi Action Camera for $39.99, which is 60% off the original value. For an additional 15% off, use coupon code: GIFTSHOP15.